// Pico & the Technicolor Mountains [now there’s a solid band name]

// Sitting alone in an empty storefront, not creepy at all… #watchingyou #watchingme

Beard, beer, blood, and the Stanley Cup: Andrew Shaw (via USA TODAY Sports)

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// @WhistlerChicago’s got that #Seahorse #Derby in its new bi-monthly Storefront Gallery~ #art#cocktails#records (à The Whistler)


“Regardless of your loyalties, we’ll all be rooting for Boston in much the same way that we rooted for New York during the first games after the attacks on 9/11 because the city of Boston needs a mindless diversion now more than ever.”

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Stay strong, Boston. Stay classy, Chicago.

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// Love days spent with #CHIRP & #vinyl~ get here before the good get gone! (à Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Hall)

// Sweet & savoury for brunch on a rainy day. Lazy Sunday, give me everything cozy. (at M. Henry)

// WHO YOU GONNA CALL? #BILLMURRAY (at The Wormhole Coffee)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADSY! [At the Sears Tower, 1990. All grown up and I’m still trying to be more like you~ xx]

// @WHISTLERchicago aka my living room… Come back soon, @yayrin~ x (at The Whistler)

// Drunk on the moon with a belly full of bourbon~ #swoon (at Gilt Bar)


Halloween, South Side, 1951, Chicago. Yasuhiro Ishimoto

Always loved this photo, had no idea it was Chicago.
Happy Halloween, ya little goblins. Have fun and be safe!


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// Oh hey, best friend [#recoverymode at O’Hare]. Oy vey. (at O’Hare Airport Transit System (ATS) Terminal 5 Station)

LAZY SUNDAY HAS COME TO THIS. Also, raise your hand if you knew he was from Chicago?! Also, “PUT A CORK IN IT, ZANE!

// I might be the only person in this country [nay, the world?] that actually likes this place. X (Taken with Instagram at O’Hare Airport Transit System (ATS) Terminal 5 Station)